thetime group is the leading early stage investment company in Israel

focusing on young innovative technology startups in the areas of media, mobile, digital life, video, and others

thetime is based on two investment platforms


for seed stage investments


for post seed and A round investments

Ilan Shiloach

Ilan Shiloah,


Ilan Shiloah

Chairman of McCann Erickson (Israel), the leading advertising company in Israel for the last 12 years, and member of the executive Board of McCann Erickson Europe. Ilan is also the chairman of Matomy Media Group and its biggest shareholder.

Nir Tarlovsky

Nir Tarlovsky,


Nir Tarlovsky

Nir Tralovsky has been an entrepreneur and angel investor for the last 20 years. Behind the success of companies like Nielsen buzz Metrics, Matomy Media Group, SurfEU, RSL Communications, PSINet Europe and others.

Uri Weinheber

Dr. Uri Weinheber,


Dr. Uri Weinheber

Dr. Uri Weinheber, CEO and Partner at thetime, is leading innovative ventures for two decades, in various positions: founder, CEO, board member and investor, at: Lab-One, Traffix (Acquired by F5), Scitex (Acquired by Creo/Kodak), VirtualSelf (Acquired by TDNet), Pitango Multimedia (a Scitex Company) and many others.

Keren Kopilov

Keren Kopilov,


Keren Kopilov

Former CFO of IPG Reuveni-Pridan. 15 years experience in financial management.
Member of the Board of Directors – JDRF Israel. Holds a BA in Economic and Business from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. MBA in accounting and financial management from Tel Aviv University and LL.B.

thetime Partners

Mccann Worldgroup

McCann Erickson operates 180 offices in more than 120 countries and boasts a client roster that includes preeminent global marketers and many of the world’s most famous brands. The agency is a unit of McCann Worldgroup.


Eurocom Group is one of Israel’s largest and most solid private holding groups. One of the group’s main business platform is Communication. Eurocom Group success can be attributed to its controlling stake in Bezeq Group (Bezeq, Bezeq International, YES, Pelephone, Walla!).

Mccann Tel Aviv

McCann TLV is the largest agency in Israel leading the advertising market for 17 years in a row. McCann holds a long-term relationship with many of the leading brands in Israel, and is considered one of the leading McCann agencies worldwide.

viola credit

Viola Credit is a lending fund that helps companies extend their runway with minimal dilution to owners & founders.

Say Hello to Digital Life Technologies

Companies Portfolio

  • playbuzz


    Playful content platform

  • redislabs

    Redis Labs

    Cloud database services

  • pixellot


    Sports Broadcast Technology

  • talkspace


    Therapy For All

  • fanzone


    Event travel made easy

  • logdog


    Personal Cyber Security

  • stockpair

    StockPair (Nextrade)

    Online action trading

  • emaze


    Power point killer

  • oggii


    Pet wellness advisor

  • geektime


    The leading technology blog in Israel

  • wannabiz


    Online marketing platform for SMB

  • trailze


    Outdoors navigation

  • null

    LEO Lane

    Commercialized 3D printed designs

  • lookat


    Collaboration Cloud for Video Production

  • crowdx


    Crowdsourcing mobile experience

  • corigen


    Image recognition solutions

  • fireblade


    Sophisticated security solutions

  • nonissue


    Realtime relevant magazine

  • viisights


    Data Management for monetizing video assets

  • traffix


    Traffix was acquired by F5 Networks (NASDAQ: FFIV), the leader in Application Delivery Controllers, on February 2012, for $135 Million Dollars.

  • Platica


    AI engine for customers communication

  • speak-EZ


    Live translation platform

  • abbi


    In-app engagement enhancer

  • weebo


    Personalized intelligent recommendations

  • brayola


    Bra e-commerce crowd platform

  • appmyday


    Virtual event industry. AppMyDay – Acquired by Honeybook

  • even


    Adaptive sound Technology

  • classoos


    Digital learning platform

  • chameleonx


    Ad blocks blocker

  • bitbite


    Mindful eating habits

  • SafeCue


    Life-Saving visual information

  • Medecide


    ™Medical Decisions. Reinvented

  • null


    New crowd diligence real-time digital Platform for early stage equity investors

  • null


    A B2B data exchange platform for mass scale cross-industry data trading

  • null


    Mixed Reality Software Engine

  • null

    Books On Map

    Insightful location-based content

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Couple of things you should know

What is the size of a typical investment?

We usually invest approximately $0.5-$1 million during the foundation round and may add to that sum in subsequent rounds.

What are the segments in which thetime invests?

We invest in young startups in the fields of Digital Life Technologies – IoT, Wearable Devices, Smart Home and Smart Cities, Connected Vehicles, Digital Health and Wellness, Digital Media.

What if we don't have revenues yet?

We prefer to enter at the first round of financing or at the foundation round of a start-up. We understand that at that stage, the company does not have revenues yet.

How long takes a typical process?

We aim to finalize an investment process within a time frame of 1-2 months.

Do we have to have a business plan ready?

A full business plan is not mandatory at the approach phase, though you will need one during the later stages of your company. We do require clear understanding of the business model, a ‘go to market’ strategy and a clear financial planning. You can use an ‘executive summary’ or a presentation to provide that.

What if we don't have a business leader in the team?

We’ll be happy to see that the major positions of technology and business are covered by the team. If needed, we’ll be happy to help you find the right people for your team.

What is ``technological innovation``?

We are looking for startups that are based on innovative technology, where this new development provides new product capabilities and enables the business of the company.

What materials should I bring to the first meeting?

We’ll be happy to see a descriptive presentation, backed up with a demo (if possible) and a financial plan.

How do I approach thetime?

Send us your company’s deck and come to meet us.